Enough Already

I am so TIRED of reading about celebrities that offer nothing to society except DRAMA!  Lindsay Lohan. Prime example. Is it just me or is she just a drain on society?  I’m sure some of you might tell me that she is a victim of addiction or mentally unstable.  I get it.  But what I don’t get is why the media continues to focus on her. And secondly, why she continues to put herself out there to be reported on!

Is there not someone that is a positive influence to kids around the world that we could talk about?  See… this is a perfect YKM moment!



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This is it.. My First Post

Yes. My first blog. And I have NOTHING TO SAY YET! haha.

I’m wearing MYSELF out! So, until I have something productive to say, you have just witnessed the first blog EVER on this site.

Now.. move along. Nothing to see here.. yet. 🙂

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